Ashwood Park North Subdivision Booms in Naperville, Illinois

Ashwood Park North in Naperville, Illinois is booming! The housing crisis is officially on its way out, and now is the time to start thinking about buying. Of course, unless you happen to stumble across the rare perfect property on the resale market, the best way to ensure that your home is everything you could ask for is to build it from scratch. In Naperville, Illinois, the community known as Ashwood Park North has turned into a highly-coveted area. By partnering with Crestview Builders, you can secure custom home lots in this prime neighborhood and truly start living the American dream.

Ashwood Park North Booms in Naperville, IL.

Ashwood Park North Subdivsion Booms in Naperville ILAnnounced in 2005, construction on the Ashwood Park North subdivision had just started to pick up steam when the recession began and development stalled. Within the last two years, however, the recovery efforts have once again made homeownership an attainable goal for families across the country–and especially those in Naperville. Demand for real estate has skyrocketed, and a relatively sparse inventory of resale homes on the market has made new construction more popular than it’s been in years. From first-time buyers building their dream homes to existing owners looking to move up, the market is truly booming. Ashwood Park North in Naperville, Illinois is perfect for all families looking to live in a unique subdivision.

What Makes Ashwood Park North Special?

Over the last decade, Naperville has been included on countless lists of the most livable cities in the U.S. From young families looking to have kids to retirees trying to find somewhere to settle down, the area truly has something for everyone. Within this popular locale, Ashwood Park North has been carefully designed to accentuate all the best parts about living in Naperville. A scenic bike path winds past idyllic ponds and connects the community to nearby shopping and dining. At the center of the development is the $8-million state-of-the-art Ashwood Club–a mecca of recreational opportunities. Enjoy three swimming pools, a fitness center, and indoor and outdoor sports courts. The clubhouse also acts as a social hub within the community and will help you get to know your neighbors.

One of the best parts about opting for new construction within Ashwood Park North is that you truly have the opportunity to personalize the house you’ll be living in. For the better part of four decades, Crestview Builders has been erecting custom homes in the Naperville area, and you can choose to either modify one of their existing designs or work from scratch to ensure that you are happy with your new home in this exciting location.

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Ashwood Park North Subdivision Final Phase with 80 New Homes in 2015

Naperville, Illinois, has gained a reputation as one of the best places to live in the Midwest. In fact, it consistently ranks high on lists of the top communities in the country to retire, raise children, and or run a home business. Within Naperville, the subdivision known as Ashwood Park North has established itself as the perfect spot to build new construction, and now is the time to reserve your lot before they’re all gone. The final phase is set to introduce 80 new homes in 2015, and partnering with Crestview Builders is the best way to make sure you don’t miss out on an opportunity that could shape the future of your family’s life.

Ashwood Park North in Naperville is Thriving.

Crestview Builders in Ashwood Park North Naperville Illinois 80 New Custom Homes in 2015Ashwood Park North is already thriving because residents love living there. One of the last custom home communities in Naperville, the neighborhood brings people together while still allowing you to have plenty of space to yourself. With scenic bike paths, tranquil ponds, and an on-site elementary school, you’ll find that there’s practically never a reason to leave home.

At the heart of the development is the $8-million clubhouse, which features three swimming pools, a state-of-the-art gym, sports courts, party rooms, and more. The beauty of the community was showcased in the 2014 Cavalcade of Homes, which featured six unique homes that could be explored by visitors from all over Northern Illinois.

Crestview is Building 80 New Homes in Ashwood Park North

As this in-demand neighborhood enters its final phase, prospective buyers are going to be clamoring to secure custom home lots where they can build their dream homes. Of course, while many people know how to dream big, they struggle when figuring out how to make their housing dreams a reality. To help you begin to shape and develop the exact floor plan that will suit your family best, you should consider contacting Crestview Builders today. Since 1977, the company has been based out of Naperville, Illinois and has helped develop 21 unique subdivisions.

Known as the preferred homebuilder in Ashwood Park North, Crestview has an office in the middle of this Naperville subdivision and is expertly acquainted with all the intricacies of erecting the perfect home within this community. The company has a wide range of existing home plans that can be modified to fit your specifications, or you can start from square one and design a completely customized home based around your preferences. Click here to get in touch with our expert custom home building team and find out more about the custom homes being built in Ashwood Park North plus act now so you can lock in Custom Home Lot Prices in Ashwood Park North for 2015!

Custom Homes in Naperville: Lock in Prices This Winter for an Early Spring Start

If you’re thinking about building a custom home in Naperville, time is of the essence. The thriving community of Ashwood Park North is growing and developing at an astounding rate and is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after spots for new builds in the city. Of course, with all new construction, the number one question among prospective residents is, “How long will it be until I can move into my dream home?” Obviously, building a house from the ground up isn’t a project that is going to be completed overnight, but making your first move now can help ensure that your home is ready as soon as possible.

Crestview Builders is one of the top high-end custom home builders for the Ashwood Park North neighborhood. In fact, the company’s main office is located right within Ashwood Park. Since Crestview Builders and this community are in such high demand, it’s essential that you lock in low prices this winter if you want your new home to begin construction in the early spring. Buyers who don’t commit now might end up having to wait for up to a year for their homes to be built because the industry requires advanced planning for projects to get underway. By locking in now, you also have the opportunity to start working with the experienced professionals at Crestview Builders so that you can customize your home to your exact specifications–truly creating your dream home from square one.

Why Ashwood Park North?

Custom built Homes in Naperville IllinoisAshwood Park is an exceptional new neighborhood community, and its north end lot is one of the hotspots of new development. In fact, this community is the only spot in the surrounding area where you can truly get a new home built to your own specs. Located just moments from top schools, shops, and more, this family-friendly community has all the touches of a small town in the middle of exciting Naperville. Winding bike paths circle through the neighborhood and connect to adjacent communities.

The heart of Ashwood Park is its central aquatic center, which features a clubhouse, three swimming pools, multipurpose sport courts, an area for parties, and more. The city of Naperville itself has been consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the U.S. With its nationally acclaimed public schools, low crime rate, exciting shopping and dining opportunities, and the country’s top public library system, Naperville is highly recommended for families looking to raise children, entrepreneurs trying to start a small business, and seniors ready to retire.

Why Crestview Builders?

Since 1977, Crestview Builders has maintained a reputation as one of the finest custom home builders in Naperville. Owned and operated by a team of locals who know and love the community, Crestview Builders has built more than 1,800 custom homes–including multiple homes for several of its satisfied customers.

As a complete custom home builder, Crestview can take your ideas and either apply them to existing home plans or start from scratch and design your dream home from the ground up. The dedicated full-time staff has cultivated excellent relationships with suppliers and subcontractors, so you can be sure that you are getting the best possible prices in the Ashwood Park area. To find out more, visit our floor plans or click here to get in touch with our expert custom home building team.