Kevin and Nahrin O

Nahrin and I wanted to take a moment and express our appreciation for the services you and the Crestview Team did in building our dream home. It was not long ago that we walked into their model and inquired about Crestview partnering with us to build. What we did not realize is that Crestview’s family approach would be so beneficial. Though Crestview has built many new homes in the past they took the time to walk us through each detail realizing this was a new experience for us.

Their subcontractors continued the family approach by working with us on the little details of building our home. Nahrin and I now consider many of these individuals as friends and we enjoy seeing them in the neighborhood. The subcontractors truly understand the meaning of craftsmanship. They appear to take as much pride in our home as we do.

Crestview’s approach of working with the customer and strong follow-up approach to insure we are happy with our new home has been deeply appreciated by Nahrin and me.

Thank you and your team for a job well done.

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